All-ind Ltd

All-ind can supply a wide range of components to all types of industries including bearings, power transmission products, motors, gearboxes, landing legs, pneumatic cylinders, pneumatic indicators and much more. In addition we are able to supply spare parts for an ever- increasing range of tail lifts including powerpacks, pins & bushes, hydraulic hoses, seals and a huge range of electrical components all identifiable by the original specification or part numbers.

All-ind is the UK Authorised Distributor for Ray Smith Group products and only we are authorised to source original specifications and fabrications for RSG tail lifts. We also distribute spare parts for industry-leading brands such as VBG and Albright, details of which can be found in this catalogue.

In 2009 we took over a shutter door company which allowed us to expand our distribution expertise into the roller shutter door market. We are now able to provide a wide range of parts for most types of shutter doors and our aim is to ensure that quality parts are readily available and to provide the very best of service. 

Panda Imports (UK) Ltd

Panda Imports (UK) Ltd is a specialist freight forwarder and Customs broker, offering a comprehensive international shipping service. Using our global overseas network we are able to source and deliver an almost limitless selection of products to organisations within the United Kingdom and beyond via air, sea and road.

Our role as an importer is to allow businesses in the UK to purchase items at low prices without the issue of arranging orders with overseas companies and incurring the costs associated with delivery and customs.

With a warehousing hub located in Peterborough with a logistics company on-site, we are ideally situated to distribute quickly and efficiently to your business premises.

If you require any products to be sourced from abroad then give Panda Imports (UK) Ltd a call today on (07891) 507160. What are you waiting for? We are your gateway to cheaper products! 

Rhino Products

Rhino Products is a specialist supplier of branded automotive and industrial products, from shutter door parts to tail lift components.

Our aim is to aggressively close the gap between price and quality to deliver truly immovable products at irresistible prices. As part of the DTPC Group we have not only have access to a global overseas network of manufacturers, but also shipping services and warehousing facilities to ensure that we are able to compete in any market.

With a warehousing hub located in Peterborough and a logistics company on-site, we are ideally situated to distribute quickly and reliably to your business premises, anywhere on the planet.

WJ Manufacturing Ltd

For thirty years WJ Manfufacturing Ltd has offered precision engineering services to industry.